Enders Gate TCG Coming to Polygon!

5 min readJan 13, 2023

5HeadGames is excited to announce the introduction of our game, Enders Gate TCG, on the Polygon blockchain on January 16th, 2023. We’ve been working diligently to provide new features and unexpected surprises to our community, and we couldn’t have done it without their help.

What is Enders Gate? Put shortly, it’s a Web3 Trading card game inspired by classic TCG Yu-Gi-Oh! What makes Enders Gate unique from Yu-Gi-Oh! is the game mechanics and story!


Like all great trading card games, it starts with building a formidable deck! Strategy is essential, as it entails combining card effects with the 6 elements featured on each Guardian card within the game!

Building a 25–30 digital card deck in Enders Gate TCG.

Before the game begins, the first player is decided by a coin flip. Each player is then given 350 in-game gold and draws five cards.

The gameplay is divided into several phases:

  • Draw phase — Players Draw Cards and receive gold to conduct their turn.
  • Standby phase — Certain cards have effects that activate or costs that must be paid.
  • Main phase #1 — Players can summon guardians, retire guardians, activate card effects, and set action and reaction cards. These actions can be done in any order, but some have restrictions.
  • Battle phase — Players can battle with their guardians and activate reaction and quick-play action cards. In a guardian battle, the attacking guardian’s attack is deducted from the defending guardian’s health. When a guardian is defeated, the player receives 80% of the gold required to hire that guardian.
  • Main phase #2 — Players can repeat any actions from main phase #1 that they haven’t reached the limit on, activate action and reaction cards, and retire Guardians on their side of the field for 50% of the gold required to hire them.
  • End phase — Players end their turn pass it to the other player.

Each player conducts their turn lasting several seconds with the goal of depleting each other’s Life points. The game has six elements that follow a “Rock-Paper-Scissors” format, with the previous element having a slight advantage over the next.

Learn more about our game phases, Card types, and General gameplay by visiting our Whitepaper!


No TCG would be complete without some lore, and Enders Gate is no exception!
The story of Enders Gate takes place in our current solar system, millions of years before the age of dinosaurs, when each planet was teeming with life in some form; a time well before our known documented history.

The Great Gates, which stood as tall as Mount Everest, dotted the landscapes of terrestrial planets capable of supporting life across the observable universe. Within our solar system, the landscapes of Mercury, Earth, Mars, and several of Jupiter’s moons were also dotted by these Great Gates. Life forms from all across the Universe established civilizations ranging from advanced to primitive by erecting colonies and forming packs around these massive monuments. This age, known as the “Pre-cursor Era,” saw species identical to those that inhabit Earth aggressively competing for survival and constantly pushing for expansion.

On earth, all continents were physically connected as one, on Mars, skies were blue and oceans were filled to the brim with water. Mercury despite being scorching hot, remained home to creatures and species that adapted to its hellish conditions. Jupiter’s moons were teeming with lifeforms of all shapes and sizes. Their worlds were diverse with a thirst for knowledge and power.

The population of each civilization was a mere fraction of our current-day figures which allowed their worlds filled with natural resources and possibilities to go untouched for long periods of time. The Pre-curser era was tranquil, and because there was no combat, the lifeforms grew restless.

The peaceful times would be short-lived for there was a galactic phenomenon that occurred every 100 years called the “Cosmic Eclipse”. Similar to a Solar eclipse as we know it today, it blanketed all the planets in total darkness for a short while. However, unlike our solar eclipse today, the darkness caused all Enders Gates across the observable universe to activate simultaneously.

During the Cosmic Eclipse, all planets capable of sustaining life throughout the universe experienced a catastrophic storm. Lightning would cross the skies, oceans would rise, and earthquakes ravaged the lands. As if on cue, war horns would sound from the Gates, signaling the end of the destruction and calling forth warriors to defend their territories.

As each gate opened, it revealed a new world, but through the settling dust, figures often unrecognizable to the opposing faction would appear running through the Gates from the unknown worlds to engage in total war.

Enders Gate Humans vs Ogres digital comic book series.

Learn more about the world of Enders Gate by visiting our website, join our discord, and stay tuned for the upcoming comic book series!

Polygon Relocation:

Enders Gate’s relocation to Polygon is a huge step forward. Polygon, as a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, enables faster and cheaper transactions, making it a suitable platform for NFT-based games like ours. This will allow us to create a more seamless gaming experience for our gamers, with speedier trading and additional chances for community interaction.

As we prepare for launch, we want to remind our players that Enders Gate NFTs held on Harmony will be transferred to Polygon before to the launch date. Make sure to add Polygon (Matic) to your web3 wallet to guarantee you receive your airdrops and can access your assets on the new platform. You can find instructions for adding Polygon to MetaMask here: https://wiki.polygon.technology/docs/develop/metamask/config-polygon-on-metamask/

We’re thrilled to be embarking on this new chapter for Enders Gate, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone to the Polygon blockchain. Mark January 16th, 2023 on your calendars and prepare to experience the future of gaming with Enders Gate TCG.




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