Enders Gate Update: October 1st, 2023 — Pushing Boundaries and Forging New Alliances

4 min readOct 2, 2023


Greetings, Gate Keepers! We’re back with a well-needed update, and we’ve got a lot to share. Strap in as we take you through the latest developments and exciting news:

We want to thank you for your continued support giving us awesome suggestions, many of which we’ve used to improve the platform. Let’s dig in.

Project Vision and Roadmap Progress:

Done: Individual Card Rentals Now Live
Ever wanted to test a specific card before committing to ownership? Now you can! Individual card rentals are officially live, allowing you to explore and strategize with your favorite Enders Gate cards.

Done: Build Decks Using Owned Enders Gate Cards
Flex your deck-building skills by using your owned Enders Gate cards. Craft unique decks to dominate the Arena PVP game mode.

Done: In-game Support for Polygon and Findora Blockchain Collectible Cards
We’re expanding our horizons. Enders Gate now supports collectible cards from both Polygon and Findora blockchains, providing you with more options for your deck-building experience.

In Progress: In-game Support for ImmutableX Chain
Marketplace support for IMX Polygon zkevm is live on the testnet, and working as designed. Now we wait for the IMX Polygon zkevm mainnet launch.

In Progress: AI Practice Mode
We all want to sharpen our skills by practicing and honing our strategies against AI opponents. Soon this feature will be introduced to the game. Our current AI is capable of small feats, but now we’re making it stronger, smarter, and faster.

Pending: AI Game Modes
Exciting adventures are on the horizon! AI Game Modes are coming soon, offering thrilling challenges and in-game rewards.

Pending: Branded Content Integration #1
We’ve got something special brewing on the branding front. Stay tuned for exciting branded content integration updates!

Enders Gate TCG Updates

New Build is Live

A new build of the game is live on the Enders Gate Website. Dive into the updated gaming experience and let us know what you think!

Use Your Own Cards in the Game

Deck-building has never been more personal. Utilize your virtual collectibles to create distinctive decks for thrilling online battles in the Arena PVP game mode.

Deck building with cards owned by a collector on Enders Gate.

Weekly Tournaments with Rewards

Competitive spirits, this one’s for you! Our Weekly Tournaments have begun. Engage in epic battles and earn points for your chance at some card packs. Track your progress on the Enders Gate Competitive page and prepare for automatic reward distribution via Airdrop at the end of each week.

Rent Enders Gate Cards and Use In-Game

Now, you can use rented cards in-game, acquired from fellow collectors through the 5HeadGames marketplace (live on Polygon + Findora for now). Read on for more about the marketplace’s latest features.

Browsing card listings in our marketplace testnet environment.

5HeadGames Marketplace Updates

Marketplace Supports Additional Blockchains

Our marketplace is expanding! Originally supporting Polygon, it now embraces Findora and Ethereum-held NFTs. We’re on a mission to support more blockchains, focusing on sustainability with a “Proof-of-Stake” approach.

Secure Peer-to-Peer Card Rentals (expanded)

Renting cards is made secure and seamless through the 5HeadGames marketplace. List or browse rentable cards, connect with your wallet, and dive into peer-to-peer rentals.

Here’s how it works:

Owners of Enders Gate virtual collectible trading cards can list their collectibles for a desired amount in accepted currencies, including Matic and WFRA. When another user finds and accepts the listing, they have the option to set a specific rental period (with a minimum of 24 hours).

The magic happens through our rental smart contract: it holds the original collectible that the owner agreed to rent out and provides the renter with a wrapped version of the card. Upon completion of the rental contract, the wrapped collectible is automatically burned, and the original is released back to its owner, available in their inventory to be reclaimed.

This rental system is designed with your convenience and security in mind, offering a seamless and trustworthy way to explore the world of Enders Gate.

5HeadGames Partnerships

5HeadGames X Findora

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Findora Blockchain. Sharing a vision for blockchain technology, this partnership was bound to happen. Exciting times ahead!

5HeadGames X ImmutableX

We’re making moves on the ImmutableX blockchain via the new Polygon zkevm. Tests are underway as we prepare for a seamless transition to mainnet. Keep an eye out for updates from ImmutableX and Polygon.

5HeadGames X Tsuburaya Productions

Hold onto your seats! We’ve partnered with Tsuburaya Productions for an epic crossover. Combining the worlds of Enders Gate and the beloved Hero of Light, this collaboration promises unforgettable adventures. Stay tuned for more details and a whole announcement campaign dedicated to this huge milestone for all involved.




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